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Display your Childrens Artwork on our specially designed magnetic board. They have two hangers attached to the back meaning you can easily switch from landscape or portrait and It holds an A4 piece of paper.

The text comes a range of pastel colours and you can any text, behind the paper there are four magnet strips and on top of the paper there are magnet counters which are designed to hold one piece of paper at a time.

Item Description

Maple Wood Veneer - 330mm x 280mm x 4mm – Due to the nature of the material there may be slight differences in grain.

Acrylic Name – Add any Text – Name’s Artwork will be sent as standard if only the name is provided.

Magnets - 4 magnets will be supplied with each board, please note they are strong enough to hold 1 piece of paper or card. The Silver magnets are the strongest of the sets and would hold up to 5 pieces of paper. 

Please note the longer the text the smaller it will appear on the board.

Please double check your spelling, grammar and capital letters etc before ordering as we do copy and paste all text.